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Commercial Cleaning
We offer specialised, high-quality commercial cleaning services. If you have a business space like a school, a daycare centre, a medical facility, a warehouse, or even a shopping complex, we can give you the ideal cleaning service. From school cleaning to gym cleaning, we can handle it.

We deliver the highest level of quality possible. We take pride in our consistency, giving you the best results every time we come in and do a cleaning. You'll get the best service every time.

Our standard service is ongoing cleaning. You can schedule it weekly, seven days a week, or any interval in between. This is true for all services we provide. Whether you need commercial cleaning for your space, end of lease work, detailed annual cleaning, or even vacating an office, we bring it.

Contact us. Our team will ask questions and talk to you about your needs, allowing us to give you a quotation that fits your needs and situation. All the details will be coordinated with you.

If you're interested in learning more about what we bring to the table, we have a quick list of the standard services we offer.

You can get a high-level cleaning, covering all of the surfaces you want to be cleaned no matter the height. We also provide high-pressure commercial cleaning. We do wash-downs and cobweb removal, as well as stripping and sealing. If you have a cold room, we also know how to clean those. Our service can also handle areas that need specialised services, such as car parks, toilets, change rooms, and kitchens. We do the deep cleaning for tiles and grouting.

We also provide some periodic cleaning services. These go above and beyond our usual cleaning and can be scheduled at regular intervals based on your needs.If you need carpet cleaning, we can field a professional team to your commercial space. We have experts that know how to handle stain removal, administer anti-bacterial treatments, and do mould treatment. Your carpet will be cleaned regularly, keeping it in excellent condition.

You can also call us to do emergency spill cleanup for any fabric or material of carpeting. Our team can also clean the tiles and grouting. We use the best techniques and products for this task. We do a deep cleaning for wet areas like showers, changing rooms, and toilets. We also clean wall tiles, kitchen tiles, and grouting.

Finally, we also perform window cleaning. We clean glass panes and windows, both internal and external. Our safety equipment also allows us to do this no matter the height.

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