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Make your home cleaner, healthier and safer and remove unwanted smells by using our non-toxic and non-flammable deodorisers. When having your carpets professionally cleaned, we can add our highly advanced deodorisers which rid your home of unwanted odours permanently. Ask the technician for details.

Pet urine in the carpet not only produces an ugly stain and a foul odour, but it also enters the fibres and contaminates both the carpet and the floor beneath it. That’s why, in addition to cleaning and treating, it may be necessary to hire a professional pet carpet washer. The longer an event goes untreated, the more probable the urine odour may seep into the home’s flooring, walls, and possibly the framework and foundation. The liquid in pee evaporates as it dries, but the urine crystals get more concentrated and smelly. This odour is not going to go away with just cleaning.

First, our certified pet carpet cleaner will inspect your carpets. Any problem spots and odorous urine deposits that aren’t visible to the human eye are shown by this light.

To remove any liquid or loose urine crystals, the carpet will be washed with our thorough cleaning, unique Hot Carbonating Extraction cleaning procedure.

Then, for each stain, we use our wonderful odour elimination product. It penetrates the carpet pad and even the sub-floor, reaching regions that traditional cleaning chemicals and techniques can’t, leaving your carpets cleaner for longer.

Pet Stain Removal Guide

Check to verify if the stain on the carpet is still moist before using the pet stain remover. If your pet has recently soiled your carpet, clean the affected area with a blotting method. Blot the area with a paper towel or newspaper. To absorb the urine, a damp paper towel will suffice. It will be easier to erase the odour if you can remove as much of the fresh pee as possible. On top of the stain, layer newspaper and paper towel. If possible, stack newspaper underneath the stain. Stand on the paper towel and newspaper to provide pressure, or use a heavy item like a thick book.

Repeat this approach until the problem region is barely moist. Rinse the area with clean water after it’s barely moist. Blot the leftover water with a paper towel to remove it. A wet/dry vac can also be used.

When the urine has already dried, leaving you with a pet stain, things might get problematic. It is suggested that you re-water the issue area and begin the wet pet staining process.

There are different ways to get rid of a dry pet stain. For extensive stains, you can rent a wet vac or use a pet odour neutralizer. Make sure the neutralizer is both pet and carpet safe. Pet stain removers aren’t necessary, and regular carpet stain removers can be just as effective. Natural cleaning materials like vinegar and baking soda can also be used to make your own pet stain remover. However, utilising chemicals such as vinegar has drawbacks. The pee odour will not be totally covered by the vinegar. Your pet may be drawn back to that location to reclaim its territory. You’ll need an odor-neutralizing pet stain remover.

When it comes to removing a pet stain, odour neutralisation is the name of the game. You obviously desire to get rid of the stink for your own personal reasons. You do, however, want to get rid of the odour for your pet. If your pet can still smell their urine, they’ll most likely return to the same location. If the urine has reached the carpet padding, neutralising the stain might be very challenging. 

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