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Professional carpet cleaning services  Joondalup

We put the utmost effort in providing you the best possible carpet cleaning service at your threshold.

Just have a look what benefits you will receive with our unparalleled service:

With us, you can grab utterly safe and secure carpet cleaning process with a pocket-friendly range. Get rid of all the unwanted debris and dust particles with our advanced non-toxic system. The complete cleaning procedure is hygienic for the usage of the HealthGuard.

You also need not worry about the quality of your carpet after completion of the method. It is not going to make your product shrink and that’s a guarantee from our end. The chemical balance of your carpet will remain as usual with our friendly assistance.

Our skilled professionals are there to delve deep into the matter and assure you to get verified cleaning with a nice odour and without a single trace of chemical. You can smoothly and safely walk just after the process is properly done.

Avail our carpet cleaning Joondalup to get complete value for your money!

Our unique cleaning services include:

Residential carpet cleaning:

Effective as well as cost-effective and totally non-toxic steam cleaning service for all types of residential carpet.

Commercial carpet cleaning:

Completely value-driven and industry standard steam cleaning for every commercial carpet without extra charges.

Wet carpet restoration:

24X7 emergency service facilities to repair the wet and damaged carpets with our highly developed drying equipment.

High pressure cleaning:

High-end technology high-pressure cleaning service for cleansing the dirt and grease from different hard surfaces.

Fabric sofa cleaning:

High-quality, biodegradable fabric sofa and upholstery cleaning service to restore the vanished shiny look of every fabric.

Tile and grout:

Time-saving, safe and secure stubborn stains and dirt cleaning process to restore the lost beauty of the tiles and grout.

Leather lounge cleaning:

Upgraded quality technique to clean cracked and damaged leather lounges and restore their shine and durability.

Strip and seal hard floors:

Latest cleaning and polishing process to restore the lustre of vinyl and linoleum floors with customized technique.

Mattress cleaning:

Healthy process to sanitise and clean mattresses and provide ambience for sound sleep eradicating hazardous skin issues.


Unique cleaning system for the carpets, rugs and upholstery for increasing the gaps between two individual services.

Pet stains:

Non-flammable and non-toxic superior technology for providing cleaner and safer home excluding unwanted bad smells.

Why Choose Big Trevs in Joondalup:

Industry standard vacuum cleaner

We use advanced and strong vacuum cleaners to deliver outstanding results removing all the unwanted dust and dirt particles from your carpets. We utilize advanced and strong vacuum cleaners to render great results removing all the undesirable dust and dirt particles from your carpets. The vacuum cleaners come up with special filter engineering Diverse substances and media keep to be cleared in the different industries.

Released media, dangerous dust, fine and coarse swarf, gravel, sprinkle agents, all types of fibers, food sediments, organic substances, incredibly light to very heavy substances all place strict regulations on the filter engineering employed.

Effective steam cleaning solution

Our quality steam cleaning process will assure you to get rid of the stubborn mold growth and prevent the same, created from recurring. Our excellent steam cleaning technicians will ensure you get relieved of the adamant shape growth and stave off the same, developed from recurring.

Professional cleaning services and products can be costly, but we deliver steam cleaning solutions that you can utilize in a shampooing machine or pertain to traditional household cleaning tools.

Latest and high-end technology

All our skilled professionals use upgraded technology to leave your product’s chemical balance intact without making any harm to it. All our experienced professionals practice upgraded technology to remove your product’s chemical balance unchanged without rendering any harm to it.

High-end Technology has served the real rivalry of happiness in today’s world. Just like any other tech aberration, I am also fascinated by contemporary technologies and how they are speeding in our lives.

High technology (high tech) or frontier technology (frontier tech) is a technology that is placed at the cutting edge: the greatly advanced technology functional. The opposing of high tech is low technology, about easy, always traditional, or automatic technology.

Beauty restoring procedure

We assist you to get back the lost lustre of your product and give it a nice finishing and look like a new one with our value-driven systems. We encourage you to get back the misplaced lustre of your product and provide it a nice finishing and glimpse like a new one with our value-driven strategies.

Choosing the right products for restoring beauty is our prime duty.

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