There are certain advantages and disadvantages of the two options of carpet cleaning – dry cleaning and steam cleaning. To make the process of selection easier here are the pros and cons of each method.
In the dry cleaning method, the carpet is treated with a solution of dry-cleaning solvent, which results in breaking down the oil and dirt from embedded deep within the fibres, which are then removed using a cleaning machine, leaving a cleaner looking carpet.
In the case of the steam cleaning method, the carpet is vacuumed to remove dirt and other sediments before applying high-pressure water vapour into the carpet, which effectively removes the dirt along with the extracted water.

Advantages of Dry Cleaning

The method is much quicker in comparison with steam cleaning. Within an hour of cleaning, the carpet becomes ready for use.
Affordable: The substances used for cleaning are affordable and could last long if used judiciously. You actually save money with dry cleaning.
Range of choices: You have a number of choices available with dry cleaning. If high duty machinery is hard to afford, your standard vacuum cleaner can do well.
Highly effective: Dry cleaning targets stains better than other methods and is quite effective in stain removal due to the availability of specifically designed cleaning substances.

Disadvantages of Dry Cleaning

Unable to provide Deep Rejuvenation:
 If deep cleaning is needed, then dry cleaning may not be the right answer as the process is not powerful enough to show the required results.
Prolong Chemical exposure: As the process involves injecting chemicals, there are residues left behind on the carpets, making homeowners and children exposed to these chemicals as this could be allergic to people living, especially to children.
Residue Buildup: There are chances of dry shampoo remaining in the carpet fibres even after cleaning causing damage to the carpet.

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

More Effective:
 The process deep cleans carpet leading to better results in comparison with dry cleaning.
Less effort: Since steam cleaning is done by professionals using sophisticated machinery, you get superior results without you making any effort.
Less harmful chemicals: The substance used is quite effective to life buildup of dirt and other contaminants as well as kill germs present without leaving any residue afterwards. Hence the carpet’s appearance is restored after the cleaning process.

Disadvantages of Steam Cleaning

  • Professional Services may be required to achieve great results
  • The carpet remains wet for over 24 hours to fully dry
  • Not suitable for regular use. This is because periodic cleaning may damage the carpet unnecessarily.
  • The method costs more than dry cleaning.

Technically, both methods of cleaning are effective to give great results. However, it makes sense to check the recommendations of the manufacturers and the kind of carpets you have to opt for a specific method. You may even use both methods to get the best of both.

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