Interested to keep your carpets looking nice in between appointments from your carpet cleaning Perth technician? There are some basic carpet cleaning tactics to keep you over until you can plan an appointment from the experts, whether you’re having a party or just want your home to seem extra fresh.

Plus, these tips are simple to put together with a few common household components. They’ll make it simple for you to clean your carpets last until your guests arrive.

Best hacks in-between our five-star carpet cleaning services

Prepare to scribble down our specialists’ finest tips for keeping your carpet look great in between deep cleanings:

  1. The Ice Cube Technique: Rearranging furniture is an excellent method to give any room a fresh new look and feel. All too often, however, you’ll find that hefty furniture has created deep impressions on your carpet, preventing you from fully appreciating your surroundings.

If you’ve attempted to cope with these strange dings on your own, you’ve probably been baffled as to how to restore those small portions of your carpet to its original condition after so many times under stress. Simply place an ordinary ice cube on those bothersome impressions and wait for it to melt. Using a white cotton rag, dab away any extra water. After that, lay another white towel over the region and iron till the carpet fibers are almost dry. This will soften, pliable, and lift them back to their previous state.

  1. Baking Soda for Oil Stains: Baking soda is good for more than just keeping things fresh. It can also serve to mitigate the impact of an oil stain that would otherwise be disastrous. It’s crucial to note that rubbing the stain will just spread the oil to make the stain bigger. Baking soda can be used to absorb excess oil instead.

Simply sprinkle a generous helping of baking soda on the damaged area and wait until the baking soda has soaked the oil and formed a rough texture. This combination can be vacuumed up to show a much lighter discoloration. For better assistance, contact carpet cleaning Perth services to assist you in removing the remaining stains.

  1. Baking Soda Refresher: Baking soda is a go-to solution for a variety of household issues, and your carpets are even worse. If your carpets and rugs are starting to smell musty, but you don’t have time to deep clean them, try baking soda.

Mix just a few dashes of citrus essential oils with a baking soda and scatter it on the carpet. Let it sit for few minutes. After that, use a vacuum and have a carpet that smells and looks brand new.

  1. Carpet cleaner for water damage: It is a common sight that people tend to wash their carpets for deeper stains. But this would lead to further quality damage. Instead of washing the carpet or vacuuming it, as usual, use the hose connection to vacuum your shag carpet more thoroughly. The focused nozzle cleans deep into the carpet’s roots without putting the weave under stress, resulting in less fiber loss and frizz.

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