When you have properly cleaned and well-maintained carpets, it is certain that your carpets last long as possible. But to keep your carpets looking fresh, new, and beautiful, you have to learn how to keep clean and manage them. Considering this, I have prepared this guide tutorial about keeping your carpets well-maintained and cleaned by using the five best and professional methods to clean your carpets. These methods are easy and industry standard that most companies use. I will also share the pros and cons of cleaned and maintained carpets. It will motivate you to use these industry-standard methods to clean your carpets professionally.

What Do You Require For Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet cleaning is as easy as buying them if you do it professionally! But when it is done unprofessionally or hurriedly, it may spoil and damage your carpets and may cost you a brand-new carpet. That is never desirable for anybody. Therefore, there are some things that a carpet cleaner needs to have to do this task professionally. However, you can change a few things, replace them, and add other products or parts as per your comfort. But these are basic things you must have, and here is the list.

  • The first thing you need is a vacuum cleaner and a shop vacuum.
  • You have to have a DIY steam cleaning machine and sponges.
  • Additionally, things like outdoor or indoor floor mats, carpet cleaning soap, vacuum filters, paper towels, and spot treating cleaners are required.

Top 5 Professional Methods To Clean Your Carpet:

Like, I have discussed above. If you don’t have cleaned your carpets with professional methods, and if you have no ideas how to clean your carpets professionally, you probably will damage your carpets. And your carpet cleaning experience will be worst. It is never desirable. Right? And for that, you need to follow these five professional methods to clean your carpets like a pro and professional company.

Carpet Shampoo Cleaning:

This process was more famous than any other until the arrival of encapsulation technology in the 1970s. Shampooing to carpets means washing heavily spoiled and soiled carpets. But this process has some drawbacks! It will leave a significant amount of wet foams on the Carpets. Thus, it will take more than enough time, or say longer, to dry your carpets. Also, it will become more stick as rinsing is not included here. Your Carpets are prone to get soiled and spoiled frequently after cleaning them with this process.

Bonnet Carpet Cleaning:

This process is quite helpful to get good surface cleaning. In this process, the main focus is on cleaning the top part of the carpet fibre, with a heavy-duty machine having a spinning pad. You have to immerse this pad in the cleaning solution to absorb dirt from the carpet surface. This process is quite helpful and popular among hotels. The reason is its fixing solution that helps to clean your carpets, even if the traffic is heavy and the place is full of the public. It is quite useful in the area, where carpet cleaning is required very frequently and rapidly due to traffic.

Hot Water Extract Carpet Cleaning:

It is also known as the steam carpet cleaning process, where you require hot water extraction at high pressure to make carpet fibres and dissolved dirt agitate in the Carpets. It needs a cleaning agent on soiled surfaces, agitate your carpets with a brush, and you have to rinse them. As soon as the cleaning agent settles, Carpets get washed by cleaning equipment. After that, rinse that cleaning agent and leave it in the room to dry at room temperature. You may require at least two hours to clean 3000 square feet carpet or carpeted place and need at least 4 hours to dry.

Encapsulation Carpet Cleaning:

It is famous for foam encapsulation that uses synthetic detergents as a base cleaning agent. It will crystallize into powder when it dries. It will work to encapsulate loosened dirt parts within your carpets when you applied cleaning foam dries. After that, you can use a vacuum or brush to remove that dried particles. Most cleaners and professional services provider companies have found this process very easy and result-giving. However, you can not expect that this process will thoroughly clean heavily soiled and spoil so famously named compound cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Of Carpet:

It is also one of the latest cleaning technology you can adapt by finding it out from the market. Leading carpet manufacturers have called this process efficient and popular to clean carpets effectively. This process gives better cleaning performance and convenience because there is no requirement for drying your carpets after cleaning them. The technology first debuted in the 1980s. It is far better than that wet carpet cleaning process. It is one of the best industry-standard methods used by many professional companies to serve their clients.

Pro Tips To Make Your Carpet Cleaning Even Better:

Let us assume you have understood about the five best methods that are used professionally for carpet cleaning. But what will you do if you do not know how to use those methods efficiently? Even though you have decided which carpet cleaning process is best suited for your carpets, it is always advisable to follow these tips to make your carpet cleaning more results giving by cleaning them like a pro.

Vacuum Set-up:

  • Do not keep your vacuum at a too low level. It should be at the right height. Also, if you keep it at too high, it will fail to clean your carpets.
  • It is advisable to vacuum frequently in high-traffic areas. For example, three to four times a week is the best idea to keep your carpets clean every time.
  • Always remember to start with cleaning bags or filters while using a vacuum cleaner. The suction power of your vacuum cleaner has to be one-half. Wash, or if possible, replace your suction bags and filters every three months.
  • Be aware of vacuum speed. Your speed should be enough to trap dirt particles and make sure no particle would escape the process. You can speed up at low traffic areas and speed down at high traffic areas.

Three Ways to Ensure Quality Cleaning:

  • Use truck-mounted equipment to make it portable and easy to exhaust dirt and humidity outside. It makes carpet cleaning easier.
  • Someone may offer carpet cleaning services per square foot. You can take it. Considering services for several rooms will make you cost more.
  • You should not prefer products or services with discounts. Discounted services may include quantity work, and some products may have bulk orders. Always choose quality services.

Clean your Carpets Like A Pro:

  • It is not one time process! So, you have to clean it frequently. But it doesn’t mean you can make hurry and leave soap residue. It needs proper care to clean absolutely.
  • Without taking more time, you require to clean your carpets before you let them become fully dirty. It will be hard to clean if you let it be fully-dirty.
  • Do proper vacuum before and after the carpet cleaning process to ensure is no dirt particle trapped in it.
  • You should do carpet cleaning before people arrive at high traffic areas.
  • Make sure you do not make your carpet over wet. Otherwise, it would take longer to dry, and guests and customers may have to face inconveniences. Similarly, let your carpets dry absolutely after washing them.

Spot Clean Your Carpets:

  • If foods have spoiled your carpet, you should not dig deep or scoop food spills. It may damage your carpet if you use a knife or spoon to clean it.
  • You should take action immediately if your carpet has soiled and spoiled. Always consider water first before using any products or machines.
  • You can not run or scrub your carpets to stop them from damages. Be patient and use professional methods to avoid damaging it, and you use vinegar or club sodas if you think some spots are tough to deal with them.
  • Pros & Cons Of Carpet Cleaning:
  • Anything that is a product or service or your self-serve has some pros and cons. Let’s discuss them for carpet cleaning.

Pros of Carpet Cleaning:

  • Cleaning your carpets will maintain their appearance, and you can increase their life. The traffic will always find it beautiful to walk around when your carpet is neat and clean.
  • There are many health benefits of clean carpets because it removes dirt and dust particles. Additionally, it also avoids bacteria and terms and keeps people protected against diseases.

Cons of Carpet Cleaning:

  • If you don’t clean it frequently, it requires hard work. Also, cleaning carpets will require too much work.
  • You have to repair it to replace carpets if you damage them while cleaning.

Final Words:

No matter what type of carpets you have, there is always a requirement to clean them and to ensure safety. Cleaning carpets also ensure the beauty, appearance, and attraction of the areas where you have kept them. Therefore, you should have cleaned your carpets.




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